Learn Brush Lettering

Complete kit or instant download - both will get you on your way to gorgeous loopy calligraphy


Missy is so very talented & this lettering guide has everything you need in order to learn brush calligraphy/handlettering. In addition you MUST follow her on Instagram! Watching her letter from right to left OR with her right hand is amazing!! This is by far the most fascinating leftie one could ever learn from, even if you aren't a leftie. She has SKILLS!!! If your looking for a book/guide to help you learn this beautiful art form look no further, this is the one you need.

Julee B.

Have been wanted to work on brush calligraphy for a while and this was the best way to do it!! Her booklet is absolutely wonderful and is very very great to learn from! It covered the basics which is exactly what I needed! Absolutely love this! Must buy if you want to really make your handwriting consistent and fun!

Josie W.

Love these practising sheets! Easy to use with clear instructions!!

Sjoera S.